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A large and varied selection of meat for everyday meals from breakfast to dinner, chosen with care from the best ethical farmers and professionally crafted and frozen in handy portion pouches.

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Product Information

Box Contains:

Rump Steak 2 x 227g

Rolled Topside of Beef 1 x 1.5kg

Diced Steak 500g

Coarse Cut Burgers 2 x 170g

Beef Mince 500g

Lamb Loin Chops 6 x 85g

Free Range Pork Sirloin Steak 2 x 224g

Cotswold White Chicken 1 x 1.4kg -1.6kg

Free Range Chicken Supremes 2 x 200g

Diced Chicken 500g

Thick Pork Sausage 6 x sausages

Short Back Rindless Bacon 8 rashers

40 Servings 

Further detail from Aubrey Allen

Bacon We wanted to make the best bacon in the world, it took us three years but it was more than worth it and we are delighted with the results. All the chefs we work with are thrilled when they see our fantastic free range, 100% British made cured bacon.

Sausages Our sausage recipes date back to when Aubrey created them back in 1933 and we use these traditional recipes with modern methods to ensure this high meat content sausage is full of natural flavours. Using only free-range sweet pork meat our sausages have won more awards than any other product and we still work every day to make it better for you.

Chicken From his third generation family farm in Worcestershire, Robert Caldecott has been supplying us with the best naturally slow-grown, free-range chickens for over twenty years. The Cotswold White Chicken is hormone free, naturally grown and full of old fashioned flavour with a crispy skin and succulent meat. Robert Caldecott has won multiple awards for his ethics and care and is our primary and hero poultry farmer. We also source high welfare free range chicken from France.

Pork Another Aubrey Allen partnership is with the Butler family in Blythburgh, Suffolk – people who make animal welfare their number one priority. They ensure their free range-pigs have ample space to roam freely and plenty of shelter from the sun. This and the Suffolk salt breeze helps to give pork a natural sweetness and the crackling a delicious finish.

Steak The steaks really showcase the best of what we do with bone in dry-aged, grass fed steaks selected from only the top 4% in the country for eating quality. Cooking the meat on the bone adds another delicious dimension as the flavour and goodness from the bone enriches the flavour whilst cooking.

Lamb The Dennis family in Cornwall have been helping us provide the best free-range lambs for more than thirty years. The area has now received PGI status for being an outstanding area for rearing lambs. The natural herb granite pastures and undulating hills and temperate climate create the best conditions for lamb production.



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